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Information about playing at the Satellite Badminton Club.

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Playing at the club

A session at the club

The Satellite Badminton Club welcomes all people interested in playing doubles badminton in a friendly atmosphere - be it for fun, exercise, skill improvement, or just to socialise.

Our only restriction is that you need to be 14 years and over, and have some basic badminton experience. Players younger than 16 will also need to be accompanied by an adult to and from the venue.


New & Past Players

Backhand serve

To help keep waiting times down and ensure attendances are kept to manageable levels, all new and past players must first register before visiting the club. Please do not attend until you receive your invitation. This includes players who simply wish to try out the club, as well as those who would like to become a member.


When we play

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We play every Monday night. Players are free to arrive and leave at any time during the session. Most players are usually content after 4 to 6 games.


Where we play

Newly Refurbished Jim Satchell Recreation Centre

We play at the Jim Satchell Recreation Centre located at Light Street, Dianella. For those new to Western Australia, Dianella is approximately 9 kilometres north of the Perth CBD (Central Business District). Whilst most of our players live near the area, some players come from up to 30 kilometers away.


How much does it cost?

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The club has two types of fees, a session and a membership fee. The session fee is paid each time you attend. The optional membership fee is the cost to join the club as a member.


How we play

Shuttles with racquet

During the first couple of hours, the games are made by the club's committee members to ensure everyone has their share of court time and a mixture of games.


Did you know?

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