How much does it cost?

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The club has two types of fees, a session and a membership fee. The session fee is paid each time you attend. The optional membership fee is the cost to join the club as a member.

The session and membership fees collected go towards the ongoing costs of running the club, which include court hire, shuttlecock supplies, and refreshments. Any surplus in funds is normally used to provide members with meal subsidies and raffle prizes during various social activities during the year.

Please note we can only accept cash payments for both session and membership fees.

Session Fees

For each session attended, the cost per person is shown below.

Members Non-members
Fee per visit $5 $9

Membership Fees

Membership is optional and is open to all players at the club. Memberships commence at the start of each year, but applications can be made anytime during the year. Memberships also run from a fixed period, not from the date you join. If you are joining part way through a membership period, calculate whether you may be better off joining up at the next membership period.

  • Full Year - January 1 to December 31
  • First Half Year - January 1 to June 30
  • Second Half Year - July 1 to December 31
Full Year Half Year
Standard $60 $35
Concession* $50 $30

* To be eligible for the concession rate, you must hold a valid Students or Seniors card.

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Lower overall cost if you intend to play regularly. Financial motivation if you don't! With the current session fees, full-year members need only attend 15 sessions to recover the cost of membership.
  • Members are given playing priority when players have to sit out.
  • Subsidised meals at club events, such as the Pizza Night and Christmas Party.
  • Only members are eligible to redeem rewards in our Frequent Player Rewards scheme.
  • Only members are eligible to win prizes in the club's raffles.
  • Savings on services.

How to Join?

After being invited, we recommend you attend a few sessions as a visitor before deciding whether you would like to become a member.

To become a member, players need to complete a membership form and return it along with payment to a committee member. At this point in time we only accept cash payment.

PDF IconDownload Membership Form

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