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How we play

Scheduled Games

During the first couple of hours, the games are made by the club's committee members to ensure everyone has their share of court time and a mixture of games. We may at times delegate the task to other members if the committee members are unavailable.

At the commencement of each round of games:

  1. Please check your name on the whiteboard for the court that you are on, along with the name of your partner. Should the game be one-sided, you may swap partners after the game ends.
  2. All selected players then take to the court at the same time and play until the bell rings (about 15 minutes).
  3. The next set of games then follow from the first step.

Try not to complain about the games you have or have not been given. We are all volunteers and have to take care of many players at any one night and mistakes can be made. If you think there may be a mistake (like sitting out twice on a quiet night), you may kindly bring it to the attention of the committee member who is making the next round of games.

As we are a social badminton club, we also expect players to be open to playing games with players of all levels. If you find this unreasonable, then it is likely the club will not suit your needs.

Scoring System

Either the old or new rules can be used, as long as there is a consensus amongst all players on the court.

In the old scoring system, points are only won on serve and the game is played up to 15. A 3 point tie break is played if needed (at 14 all). Each side also receives a second serve.

In the newer Rally Point Scoring system, points are won after each rally and the game is played up to a minimum of 21 points with a winning margin of at least 2 points. There is no second serve.

If the game finishes prior to the bell going off, players can continue with the current game or start a new one.


We have a shuttlecock allocation system designed to ensure the smooth running of games and prevent unnecessary confusion and wastage.

  1. We have a tray with slots numbered from 1 to 4 where shuttlecocks are allocated to each of the 4 courts.
  2. If you are on a game, take the shuttlecock allocated to your court ONLY. For example, do not take court 4's shuttlecock if you are on court 1.
  3. If you are on a game and you do not see a shuttlecock for your court in the tray, this means the shuttlecock has already been taken by a player on your court.
  4. Along with the allocated shuttlecock, you are free to take any of the used shuttlecocks for warm-up.
  5. Upon completion of your game, bring back ALL shuttlecocks regardless of condition back to the front desk.
  6. If you need a new shuttlecock during a game, return the used shuttlecock to a committee member.

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