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The following table of player standards can be used to help you fill out our sign up form. Players will often find they fit somewhere in between two categories. If in doubt, assume the lower category. Your standard does not affect your eligibility to play at the club, just what matches you are assigned. You may also be placed in games of higher or lower standard during any session subject to numerous factors.

Satellite Badminton Standard Australian Badminton Equivalent Description
Advanced Open, A Grade

Top players in all aspects of the game with no discernible weaknesses. Able to play all shots with a high level of consistency and very few unforced errors. These players are typically state players and higher.

The club does not have many regular players in this category, but we do entertain them from time to time.

Intermediate to Advanced A Reserve, B Grade

Strong club players with many years of experience. Able to play the majority of shots well including steep powerful smashes and strong backhands. These players also make use of deception, possess good footwork, and on-court awareness.

30% of the club's players fall in this category. These players have typically spent many hours on the badminton court and are potential badminton addicts.

Intermediate C Grade

Sound club players with a competitive edge. Able to put up a good fight and return most shots. These players have honed their skills over several years but there is often room for improvement. Typically, smashes lack power, backhands are weak, and shots can be inconsistent and inaccurate.

50% of the club's players fall in this category. These players typically look to improve their own standards in a social but competitive setting.

Beginner to Intermediate D Grade

Social players who typically have more than a year's worth of badminton under their belt. Able to execute basic badminton shots and sustain rallies. These players still are working on their control and power. They typically lack footwork and struggle to play backhand shots.

20% of the club's players fall in this category. These players generally aren't too concerned about winning or losing, but enjoying themselves socially or getting some exercise.

Beginner N/A

Casual players who have played badminton on and off before, but mostly in a recreational environment. Typically less than 15 hours court time. Able to strike the shuttle, but struggle with getting to the shuttle on the move. Shots are often hit under-arm only and in an upward direction.

The club does not have many beginners who attend on a regular basis. If you're a beginner, read this article to see if the club is right for you.

Novice N/A

Players who want to learn badminton or have less than 5 hours court time.

The club is not suitable for these players. For similar reasons, read the beginners section of this article.

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