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What should I bring?


Racquets & Shoes

You need to bring your own badminton racquet and suitable footwear. As various activities are held in the main hall during the week, the courts can sometimes get very slippery. Badminton or indoor court shoes are recommended, but general sports shoes will also suffice.

Loan Racquets

If you are keen to play, but don't own a racquet, we have a couple of spare racquets that you may borrow on the night. It is recommended that you contact us in advance so we can reserve a spare racquet for you. Should you wish to play at the club on a regular basis, we recommend you invest in your own racquet. We can assist you in the purchase of a new racquet if you wish.


You may also wish to bring your own water bottle or drink. There are no vending machines or drinking fountains, only tap water.

Showers and change rooms are also available at the centre if you are considering bringing a change of clothing.

Supplied by club

Shuttlecocks are provided by the club, with a new shuttlecock being allocated for each game.

Badminton shoe sole Water bottle Multi coloured towels Close up of shuttles

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