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Membership Renewal for 2018

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We are now accepting membership renewals for next year. All current memberships will expire on 31 December 2017.

At this stage we are only collecting renewals. New memberships will be open at the start of next year.

The club regrets to announce that membership fees will increase for the first time in 8 years due to increases in court hire costs. Nightly session fees will remain at $5 for members, but will increase to $9 for visitors. Membership is still worthwhile if you attend more than 15 sessions a year.

Full year and half year memberships will increase by $20 and $10 respectively. See the full pricing on our membership form.

How to Renew

To renew your membership, simply complete our membership form and return with payment.

Early Bird and Member Renewal Discounts

Renew your membership by the end of the year and receive $10 off.

Renew your membership by the end of the January 2018 and receive $5 off.

Frequent Player Discounts

Eligible members who have received the discounts as a part of our Frequent Player Rewards scheme will receive an additional $10 off. For those who've finally reached 300 attendances, your special reward is an additional $20 off. Check our email announcement to see if you qualify.

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Home News Membership Renewal for 2018