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Where to buy badminton racquet?

Unfortunately there are no retail stores in Perth specialising only in badminton equipment. Due to badminton's relatively low popularity in Perth (and Australia) compared to other sports, the range of brands available is limited and prices are high.

Retail Stores

The Tennis Only franchise, whilst specialising in tennis equipment, also sells badminton racquets. They have a good selection of racquets including high end badminton racquets.

Most general sports stores also carry a selection of low to mid range badminton racquets suitable for the casual player. These include:

Online & Overseas

If you are after the best prices and range, then purchasing your badminton equipment online from a reputable dealer is a good option. Ideally the seller should have a real store at a physical address rather than being an online only operation. When the Australian dollar is strong, the best deals can generally be found overseas.

For those who are looking to make expensive racquet purchases overseas, you should take the necessary precautions to ensure that the seller is legitimate and selling genuine equipment. Yonex has an article on how to spot counterfeit equipment. The old adage that if it is too good to be true applies well in this case, with many clone/fake racquets being advertised by overseas eBay sellers at prices much cheaper than retail prices.

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Home Links Badminton in Perth Where to buy badminton racquet?