Club Information

Attendance Level

Player Limit

With the introduction of bookings in June 2020, the number of players has been limited to a maximum of 32. This ensures no one has to sit off twice.

Some nights may have more than the limit. This is due to some players on the reserve list opting to attend during off peak hours.

Attendance Target

Our aim is to have around 26 to 28 players each week.

This helps to provide a good rotation of players and mix of games during the night.

When there is room, we will invite new players to attend.

Popular Times

Normal weekdays are the busiest, whilst public and school holidays tend to be the quietest.

Weather related events, such as extreme heat and storms, often affect the turnout as well.

Game Wait Times

Because we play doubles on all of the four courts, there will be an average wait time of 15 minutes between games if all 32 players are present.

When there are less than 32 players, some back to back games are possible, with members having priority.