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After registering, your name will automatically appear at the end of the list. Players will be removed from the top of the list when invited.

If you did not subscribe to alerts, check back later to see how far you’ve progressed through the queue.

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#NameEst. Invite Date
1Jube S.26th Jun 2021
2Aik G.+0 weeks
3Kate C.+1 week
4David M.+1 week
5Wanwisa P.+2 weeks
6Kim S.+2 weeks
7Naman N.+3 weeks
8Bhavisha M.+3 weeks
9Alex N.+4 weeks
10Ash K.+4 weeks
11Harshdeep S.+5 weeks
12Rajesh J.+5 weeks
13Name withheld+6 weeks
14Name withheld+6 weeks
15Manu T.+7 weeks
16Katherine O.+7 weeks
17Jovanie T.+8 weeks
18Olivia L.+8 weeks
19Tim N.+9 weeks
20Sindhu D.+9 weeks
21Gowsi M.+10 weeks
22Abimanjou M.+10 weeks
23Katherine X.+11 weeks
24Timothy S.+11 weeks
25Robbie G.+12 weeks
26Vanessa K.+12 weeks
27Daniel H.+13 weeks
28Mick H.+13 weeks
29Sally C.+14 weeks
30Ariel C.+14 weeks
31John H.+15 weeks
32Jack C.+15 weeks
33Harsimran Singh M.+16 weeks
34Edward H.+16 weeks
35Bonnie C.+17 weeks
36Shannon J.+17 weeks
37Kelvin T.+18 weeks
38Clemence J.+18 weeks
39Stephen S.+19 weeks
40Name withheld+19 weeks
41Jamie T.+20 weeks
42Thomas P.+20 weeks
43Piyush R.+21 weeks
44Muthukumar S.+21 weeks
45Maurice G.+22 weeks
46Jamie F.+22 weeks
47Jess E.+23 weeks
48Name withheld+23 weeks
49Ahmad A.+24 weeks
50Jessica W.+24 weeks
51Russer A.+25 weeks
52Name withheld+25 weeks
53Nick S.+26 weeks
54Jobin J.+26 weeks


What is the estimated invite date ?

It’s an estimate of when the next round of invites will be sent, not your attendance date. It’s calculated based on the attendance during the past four weeks and bookings for the upcoming session.

Do not attend until you have received an invite and booked a session.

If you’re a long way from being invited, check out the Badminton WA website for other places to play while you are waiting.

I didn't receive an invite ?

If you’re no longer on the list, it’s likely that you’ve already been sent an invitation which has been blocked by your email provider.

It’s also possible that you entered the wrong email address when registering.

Please email us if you still can’t find the invite in your “spam” or “junk” folders.

What is the waiting time ?

It’s the number of days currently waited by the person at the top of the queue.

Whilst this can be used as a rough guide, your waiting time will vary according several factors.

Your waiting time may increase if the club has been busy in recent weeks. View the attendance charts to get an idea what the attendance is like.

Your waiting time may decrease if players ahead of you in the queue do not respond to their invites.

Can you hide my name ?

We care about your privacy, so we only display your first name and last initial, unless you opt out.

If you didn’t tick the privacy option at sign up, contact us and we’ll manually enable it.