Club Information

New Players

Registration Is Required

Please sign up and wait for an invite if you are one of the following.

New Player

You have never played at the club.

Past Player

Have not attended in over 18 months.

Getting Started

Please do not attend until you receive your invitation and confirmed your attendance date.

1. Register

Complete our registration form online.

2. Wait

Wait for an email invitation from the club.

3. Book

Confirm your attendance date.

4. Attend

Show up on the night you booked.


As the club can get busy, the club has adopted a waiting list system to help ensure the number of players are kept to manageable levels.

New players will be issued an invitation to play once we are able to accept more new players.

Your registration information is also used to create an account in our booking system.

The waiting time is largely dependent on how busy the club has been and how many people are waiting.

You can get an indication of the waiting time on our Waiting List page.

Players who have become inactive for more than 18 months will have their account marked inactive.

You will need to register again (using the same email address) to reactivate your account.

Invites are only valid for the person they are issued to. Your friend(s) will need to register and wait for an invitation if they wish to play.

However, spectators are welcome if you wish to bring a friend along for that purpose.

Due to the way the club operates, the club (at this point in time) is only suitable for beginners with at least some basic badminton skills.

See our Player Standards page to get an idea of what the club’s standards are.

Young players (with at least some basic badminton skills) are encouraged to participate. However, for safety reasons, all players must be at least 14 years of age. Children must also be accompanied by an adult, to and from the venue.

The majority of our players are adults. Young players who wish to only play with players their own age may find the club unsuitable for their needs. Prospective players are welcome to come down and observe a session to assess whether the club is suitable for them.

If you are from overseas/interstate and staying for a short period of time in Perth, please include your dates of stay in your registration.

We will attempt to fast track you in before you leave Perth if possible.

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