Badminton Player


Membership is completely optional and is suited to those who play regularly.

Member Fees

Discounts for Juniors (under 18) and Seniors (65+) are available.

$10 off for a full year. $5 off for a half year.

$ 70


1st January – 31st December

$ 40


First Half: 1st January – 30th June
Second Half: 1st July – 31st December


Do I need to become a member ?

No, membership is completely optional.

If you don’t play often, it may be cheaper to play as a visitor. Non members pay the visitors fee each night.

If you plan to be a regular, it will be cheaper in the long run to become a member. Members are also eligible for additional benefits.

Who can become a member ?

Anyone can become a member after they have attended one session as a visitor. This allows players to try the club before joining as a member.

If you’re not a current player, see our New Player page for information on how to get started.

When can I apply ?

Applications can be submitted any time during the year from January to October.

Unlike a gym, our memberships run from a fixed period starting in January & July – not from the date you join.

If you are joining part way through a membership period, calculate whether you may be better off joining up at the next period.

How do I apply ?

You need log into your account, submit an application, and pay the membership fee.

We only accept payment by Bank Transfer or PayID for memberships.