Member Benefits

Frequent Player Rewards

Our rewards scheme was introduced in 2013 to reward our long-term supporters.

How it works?

You accrue 1 point for each session you attend. If you’ve accrued 100 points or more, you will be eligible to redeem those points for a small reward at the end of the year.

All players will have their points balances back-dated from 2008 when record-keeping started


Rewards may vary from year to year based on the club’s finances. Currently, eligible members will receive:

  • $20 off membership renewal for every 100 points accrued
  • an additional $20 off, if the total accrued points is a multiple of 300
  • a prize, if the total accrued points is a multiple of 500


100, 200, 400, 700


300, 600, 900


500, 1000

Two prizes were awarded in 2023 – the lucky members received a $200 racquet rebate.


All players at the club will be able to accrue points. However, only current members can redeem rewards.