Member Benefits

Frequent Player Rewards

Our rewards scheme was introduced in 2013 to reward our long-term supporters.

How it works?

You accrue 1 point for each session you attend. If you’ve accrued 100 points or more, you will be eligible to redeem those points for a small reward at the end of the year.

All players will have their points balances back-dated from 2008 when record-keeping started


Rewards may vary from year to year based on the club’s finances. Currently, eligible members will receive:

  • $20 off membership renewal for every 100 points accrued
  • an additional $20 off, if the total accrued points is a multiple of 300


100 attendances


200 attendances


300 attendances

We may extend the scheme to allow members to choose from different rewards in the future.


All players at the club will be able to accrue points. However, only current members can redeem rewards.