Club Information

Format of Play

How We Play

You don’t need a partner. Games are computer generated during the first couple of hours.

For the remaining time, players can pick their partner or even play a singles game if a court is available.

Scheduled Games

At the commencement of each round of games:

1. Check

Look for your name on the screen. Note the court number and the name of your partner.

2. Play

All selected players should take to the court and play for 15 minutes.

3. Stop

When the alarm rings, all players should stop. Go back to Step 1 for the next round of games.

Scoring System

We use the Rally Point Scoring system. One point is scored after each rally.

The game ends when a side reaches a minimum of 21 points with a winning margin of at least two points.

Players can start a new game if the game finishes before the allocated time.


We have a tray with slots numbered from 1 to 4 where shuttlecocks are allocated to each of the 4 courts.

To ensure the smooth running of games and minimise wastage:


We use our computerised scheduler to match players based on grade. Learn more.

Should the game be one-sided, you may swap partners after the game ends.

We may accept partner requests under certain circumstances, such as quieter nights or tournament practice.

You can also wait until the end of the scheduled game rounds (around 10 pm) when players can play who they wish.

We are a social badminton club, so we expect players to be open to playing games with players of all levels, ages, and gender. The club will not suit your needs if you find this unreasonable.

During most nights, players will have to take turns sitting off for 15 minutes between games.

If you think there is a mistake, kindly and calmly let the organisers know.